16 Reasons Why you Must Travel To Morocco:

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Travel to morocco

Travel to Morocco holds a special place in the hearts of travel enthusiasts as a unique vacation destination. Foreigners choose North Africa as a travel destination because of the hot tropical climate, geographical proximity, wild beaches, lush forests, endless deserts, and fascinating flora. Thanks to easy access and amazing tourist attractions, many people travel to Morocco during vacations.

Where is Morocco? Morocco is located in the northeastern part of the African continent, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Western Sahara, and Algeria. Where is the capital of Morocco? The capital of Morocco is the city of Rabat. Moroccans are Arab-Berbers who are the main ethnic groups in the country. What language do we speak in Morocco? The local population mainly speaks Arabic and Berber languages. Several other questions are of interest to foreigners wishing to travel to Morocco: Is it safe to travel to Morocco? What is the meaning of the elements and colors of the Moroccan flag? When is the best time to travel to Morocco? Where to travel in Morocco? In this blog, we will discuss many things about Morocco and list the most interesting and scenic travel spots in this fascinating North African country. You will have an excellent and unforgettable stay in Morocco after reading this article.

1. Blue Town of Chefchaouen

blue town of chefchaouen

Also called Chaouen, this small town is home to streets and houses painted blue. The warm city attracts the attention of many tourists with its blue walls, stairs, and countless other painted architectural elements. Traveling to Chefchaouen will be a surreal experience for you. The amazing blue city can be the best answer to the question of where to travel in Morocco.

2. Sidi Ifni

legzira beach

Sidi Ifni is a Moroccan city located on the shores of the fascinating Atlantic Ocean. The city is home to amazing historic streets, exquisite buildings, great restaurants, shopping, and more. Sidi Ifni presents a unique Spanish heritage that you can observe and feel in the cuisine, culture, and architecture of the city. You can relax on the beautiful tropical beaches that feature pristine sand and pure ocean water.

3. Night in the Desert

night camp

During your trip to Morocco, you can spend an extraordinary night in the Sahara desert. Local tourist agencies organize night excursions to the desert from the city of Marrakech. You will be able to bring all the necessary equipment and food with you into the desert. Usually, people stay in specially prepared desert tents. The night trip in the desert is very safe, thanks to the advice of professionals. The unique environment and climate of the Sahara Desert will make your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

4. Wander around Marrakech


The city of Marrakech is the most famous tourist destination in Morocco. When is the best time to travel to Morocco? The best time to travel to Morocco is in the summer when the weather is perfectly calm and warm. You will have a good time wandering around the city of Marrakech in pleasant weather. The Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Bahia Palace, and the El Badi Palace are the most emblematic buildings of Marrakech. You can enjoy street performances made with wild snakes. You can find high-quality leather garments, gold jewelry, antique books, exquisite handbags, and other wares in the unique historic markets, souks, and boutiques of Marrakech.

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5. Explore Moroccan Medina


The Medina is a large marketplace typical of Northern African Muslim countries. The Moroccan Medina is The city of Marrakech is the most famous tourist destination in Morocco. When is the best time to travel to Morocco? The best time to travel to Morocco is in the summer when the weather is perfectly calm and warm. You will have a good time wandering around the city of Marrakech in pleasant weather. The Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Bahia Palace, and the El Badi Palace are the most emblematic buildings of The medina is a large market typical of Muslim countries in North Africa. The Moroccan medina is particularly unique due to snake charmers, acrobats, traditional musicians, food vendors, and alleyways. Not only foreigners but also Moroccans like to spend time in Medina. This historic place is amazing for shopping as you can find exquisite handmade crafts, locally made clothes, silver jewelry, and other valuables depicting Moroccan culture. You can also find a beautiful Moroccan flag printed on various materials. Morocco flag can be a great gift for your international friends as its colors have great meanings such as strength, bravery, joy, wisdom, peace, and love. The best time to travel to Morocco Medina is spring and summer when pleasant and sunny weather will make your trip perfect.

6. Magnificent Ouzoud Waterfall

ouzoud waterfalls

You will have the best waterfall boat trip in North Africa thanks to the magnificent Ouzoud waterfall. The cold water of the waterfall flows along the rocks and ancient hills. The amazing Ouzoud Waterfall has a huge height that amazes visitors. Is it safe to travel to Ouzoud waterfall in Morocco in rainy and windy weather? The answer is no because wind and rain can cause the waterfall to flow at a much faster rate.

7. Toubkal National Park

toubkal national park

Located in the High Atlas mountain range, Toubkal National Park is a great place to hike with your family members. The fascinating mountain meadows, trees, colorful hills, and unique flora and fauna of the park will amaze you. Jbel Toubkal is the highest peak in the park (4,167 meters).

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8. Legzira Beach

legzira beach

Legzira beach occupies a special place among Moroccan tourist destinations. Clean water, an entertaining atmosphere, colorful rocks, and a safe environment make Legzira Beach unique. The best time to travel to Morocco is in summer, when the weather is hot, calm, and dry, creating ideal conditions for relaxing on the beach. The iconic Legzira Beach is a scenic spot where you can capture dozens of incredible moments.

9. Kitesurfing in Dakhla


The rippling, clean water of the Atlantic Ocean is perfect for beach sports, especially kitesurfing. Many hotels offer kitesurfing equipment and areas. Also, you can find affordable kitesurfing lessons where you can learn the basics of this entertaining sport. Kitesurfing will be one of the most delightful touristic activities during your trip to Morocco

10. Hiking and rock climbing


Morocco has some mountainous areas with forests scattered throughout the hilly landscape. You can hike in the high mountains through the Moroccan wild forests. When is the best time to travel to Morocco for hiking? The best hiking season would be summer as the weather is dry and hot. You must be equipped with sturdy hiking shoes and clothing. Local tourist agencies and hotels organize hikes several times a week.

11. Easily available flights


You can fly to the capital of Morocco from many airports in Europe and Asia. It is very easy and convenient to find tickets, including at low prices, several times a week. Moroccan embassies issue tourist visas very easily. Because the Moroccan government has invested a lot in the tourism industry to revive the economy. Morocco’s tourism has enormous potential thanks to fascinating natural treasures, culture, and tourist attractions. With the growing foreign demand for flights to Morocco, ticket prices have come down a lot.

12. Ancient traditional Arabic-Berber music

As you wander through the streets and emblematic Moroccan markets, the street music will amaze you. Local artists usually play and sing traditional Arab-Berber music. It will be a surreal experience for you to explore the colorful Moroccan streets with local music playing everywhere. Thanks to the incredible sound of Arab-Berber music, you will feel like you are in medieval times during your stay in Morocco.

13. Delicious Moroccan cuisine

moroccan food

Morocco is home to a unique and delicious blend of North African and Arabic dishes. Hot salads and Traditional spicy fried meat are typical of Moroccan cuisine. Aromatic lamb, spicy fish with ginger puree, spicy pie, meatballs, and roast chicken with apricots are super tasty dishes that you must try during your trip to Morocco.

14. Locally-made beverages


Moroccans prepare drinks at home with fruit juices and some additional flavors. In the street markets, they sell delicious homemade drinks at very low prices. You can try juices from many fruits that feature the unique spicy taste typical of Moroccan cuisine and drinking culture.

15. Arabic-African fast food at its best

moroccan food

You can enjoy shawarma, burger, kebab, and spicy falafel unique to Morocco. Local fast-food chains serve excellent meals that amaze tourists with their delicate taste and cooking style. Bread cooked with local recipes, Spicy sauces, and special tastes make Moroccan fast foods unique.

16. Morocco is perfectly safe

taking vaccination

There are no widespread diseases in Morocco. However, you may need to get vaccinated to avoid mild seasonal flu. Crime rates are quite low, which makes Moroccan cities perfectly suited for tourists. Good weather conditions, historical architecture, and beautiful beaches will make your stay in Morocco unforgettable.

A quick recap

city of blue

In this blog, we have answered the following questions: Where is Morocco? What language do we speak in Morocco? Is it safe to travel to Morocco? Where to travel in Morocco? Knowing which language is spoken in Morocco is very useful because you can learn a few words and communicate with local people. After finding where Morocco is. You can easily organize a great summer vacation and enjoy the natural beauties and tourist attractions of this North African country.

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in North Africa that borders Algeria, Western Sahara, and the Mediterranean Sea. The country has a population of around 35 million people and covers an area of 446,550 square kilometers.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

The Moroccan government is taking steps to make the country safe for tourists. The country has a great deal to offer, and it’s worth taking the necessary measures to ensure your safety.

Best time to travel to Morocco?

Morocco offers something for everyone all year long; it has beautiful beaches with white sand, historical sites with ancient ruins, and breathtaking architecture that will make your jaw drop. It also has bustling markets, vibrant culture, and friendly people who are more than happy to welcome you into their country with open arms.

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