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Why DesertBrise Travel ?

There is more than a travel in Moroccan Sahara or holiday on the sand. We’ll offer you true cultural experience with the desert arts, Arabic/Berber languages, natural food, nomadic traditions, music, and lifestyle, we’ll share our love for environment and nature, sand, dunes, stars, life ….. ” “Your soul and your heart will love, appreciate and remember forever this fantastic experience in the desert

  • All packages and activities are carefully picked by us
  • Best price guarantee & Hassle free!
  • we are a nomadic professional team
  • Eco-activities and Social Development Support

Customer Reviews

  • Desertbrise is a good choice because of the guys who run the company. they are warm and full of personality, life, knowledge and many other things. you can tell how special they are by the friends they have woven over the years and how they treat each other. Good people always have a way to raise more good people and these guys are the best.

    beymsy moscow
    Solo Traveller
  • We booked with Desertbrise a day trip to the sites of Ait Benhaddou and Quarzazate. I discovered Khalid on Instagram and contacted him by email. It was very easy to discuss all our ideas and in reality, the trip was adapted to our needs. We agreed everything online, a few weeks in advance, and we contacted Khalid again when we arrived in Marrakech. Khalid organized our trip perfectly and we saw so many beautiful places during the day that it was amazing. The car was new and very comfortable, and our driver was brilliant. We enjoyed every moment of our stay and would definitely book another trip with Khalid.

    DorotkaZ Selby, United Kingdom
    Couple Traveller
  • To all the people who read this review, I want to tell you one thing when we plan this trip, we had some expectations and we imagined how it will happen, but once there, we realized how poor our imagination is in front of this beautiful show, the friendly people who accept you and try to make you feel at home, even if you are thousands of miles away, have made the experience an unforgettable experience. For gourmands, you will be treated well. Thank you guys for all I have now a new story to tell about my life

    Yahya Rabat
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