Camel Trekking in Morocco

   Camel Trekking in Morocco 

Camel Trekking in Morocco is undoubtedly a blissful experience, travelling into the heart of the Moroccan desert on the trail of the nomads of the Sahara with the rhythm of the caravan of camels.

In an Eco-tourism approach, trek in the heart of the Moroccan desert to meet the nomadic culture and beautiful desert landscapes of the Sahara. All our trips in the desert of Morocco leave from M’hamid. ,the last town before the Sahara Desert. Accompanied by a local Nomad Sahrawi team and camel caravan is along the high dunes of the Draa, you will surely enjoy the trip. Valley,  hamadas, oases and palm groves that unfold our treks to the rhythm of life in the desert.trekking in Morocco.

 What makes different than any other company 

We love to offer you better  desert Trek experiences in Morocco. Truly unforgettable emotions will be the slogan of your holidays. We ensure total safety and security for all our new guests or loyal customers and a proper attention to pure Water, Fresh Food, Skilled people and drivers in any weather conditions and on any territory. This state of mind, peaceful and tranquillity will allow you to dive into your senses, your heart and your soul in what we call “the real desert trekking experience”.

Camping in the wild desert

Camping in the desert is one of the amazing experiences that you will never forget, it also will give you the chance to connect with space, silence, and beauty.
Our Desert Excursion has always followed the exact rhythm as of our ancestors’ and grandfathers’ way of lifestyle and moving around the big desert from Morocco To Algeria and Mali.
Camel Trekking excursion let you immerse in the nomad lifestyle, also this is considered as the best sport in nature, where you will discover the golden land and desert. we designed a different level of camel trekking in Morocco For you 
Camel Trekking

Morocco camel trek Medium

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Camel Trekking easy

Camel Trekking Easy

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Camel trek in Morocco

Camel trek in Morocco advance

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 The Best Time To Do Camel trekking in Morocco

There is nothing actually like the joys of climbing up lofty Sahara sand dunes, at dusk to see the sunset, or to experience the calm and peace when walking for a whole day without seeing another person. Trekking in the desert is as much a thoughtful experience as it is a trip to see a new part of the globe.

When To Go

Trekking is possible from November to May.but one of the best times is to go is from December into February. Daytime temperatures are comfortable. (20-25°C or 68-77°F) and the sun is not as strong as much as during the rest of the year. Spring is a wonderful season for trekking in the desert and arrives in late February or March, producing the amazing sight of flowering plants to the bottom of the sand dunes. The Sandstorm can happen anytime but are most common towards the end of March and into April.

What you must carry in your bag for Trekking         

Knowing what to or how to pack beforehand is best for you. Remember, during an excursion, it is the camel that carries all your belongings. as well as supplies for cooking and camping. Put everything in bags that can be turned over and thrown away.

This is not the right place for suitcases. Some of the most important things to bring are:

  1. Suitable clothing for excursions under the hot sun. There can be a lot of sand, but it is not the beach and you will be in the sun all day. To protect your body, wear light trousers, a t-shirt and a large hat to protect your head. You can buy a typical Moroccan scarf that wraps around you like a turban when you’re in the country.
  2. Thermal underwear for sleeping. The days are warm but the nights can be near or negative. A good couple of long dresses are essential.
  3. Sunscreen, It is not always easy to find a high SPF sunscreen in Morocco. Get at least 30 FPS – more if your skin burns easily.
  4. A pair of comfortable walking shoes. Sandals are not the best choice. Sometimes you can wear them, but in other places, the terrain is bumpier than you think, with many small rocks on the ground.
  5. Camera: The desert can be difficult for photographic equipment, so it is better to use a compact camera because it is closed. also protected better from dust and sand. If you bring something more sophisticated with interchangeable lenses, do make sure you have a good carrying bag and extra plastic bags to protect the grain. Consider a second battery for long trips.
  6. A pack of wipes helps remove the dirtiness of the day. also can be burned in the fire at night without leaving a trace on the landscape.
  7. Games for your best performance. Games are generally played at night around the fire. Memorize some word games, bring a little puzzle also and be ready to sing a song or anything else you can do to entertain. It’s a great way to share and learn about your guides and fellow travelers.


Our Price list depends on many factors like: 

  1. How many people 
  2. How many days
  3. What kind of experience. 

Depending on these factors we give the best price with the best experience, also we have a very flexible cancellation policy that can cater to your emergency situation.  

The fix Price Of Trekking trip Starts From Mhamid. For 2 persons as minimum participants, will be charged 50 Euro Per Person Per day. 

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