Exclusive Morocco Desert Tours


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Desert Photography Tours

A true and unforgettable experience in the Sahara desert. especially, for photographers. The experience will be held in the M’Hamid El Ghizlane Desert Territory. organized by Nik, a professional fine art photographer, and the DesertBrise Travel team. M’Hamid Desert, Offer so many subjects and models ready for you. sand, dunes, trees, sunrise and sunset, people and traditions, animals and insects, sky and stars. beautiful hills and mountains, rocks, and landscapes. We have designed carefully tours .in places like Erg Chegaga, Daya, Er Gouera, Erg Zeher, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Smar, Erg Zmila. starting from M’Hamid el Ghizlane .and other special places discovered within 10 – 100 Km from the oasis, still in Morocco. You can walk free in these wonderful and safe places. Special programs in exclusive places, far from mass tourism, are waiting for you.

Anniversary and Birthday Party In Desert

Are you Planning a Surprise birthday & anniversary party for your Friend, Family Member, or Loved one Celebrate their birthday. Impress your friends, Family, or Loved ones with the Birthday Party of a lifetime. Create Fantastic Memories for your Friends, Family, or Loved ones. Everybody celebrates a birthday in different ways let us give chances to make your birthday unique in the Middle of Morocco Sahara Desert. A truly an unforgettable experience, in a special way for celebrations. We love to offer you better experiences in the desert. Truly unforgettable emotions will be the slogan of your holidays, in total safety and security for all our new guests or loyal customers.

M'Hamid Desert Trek

We love to offer you better experiences in the desert. Truly unforgettable emotions will be the slogan of your holidays. in total safety and security for all our new guests or loyal customers. Pure Water, Fresh Food, Skilled people, and drivers in any weather conditions and on any territory. This state of mind, peaceful and tranquillity. will allow you to dive your senses, your heart, and your soul in what we call “the real desert experience”. We work for making our guests feel like they are at home or better than home .also in an easy way with poor and simple things. Our customers love to return to “home” in the desert, again and again, becoming true desert lovers. A true and unforgettable experience, in a special way for hikers and trekkers, and nature lovers. We have a message for nature lovers, who love to connect themselves in the desert trying a new experience. and discovering new amazing elements and sceneries

Astronomy StarGazing in M'Hamid Dunes

SO ARE YOU DREAMING OF THE DESERT NIGHT SKY? Discover the Milky Way, the Polar Star, the Planets Saturn and Jupiter, the constellations of the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia. Continue with other stars constellations, planets, and constellations with your naked eyes Imagine what you will be able to see through our tours! You may be able to distinguish stars like Aldebaran, Arcturus, Alderamine, Vega, Sirius, Altair, Rigel and many more. chances are tremendous! -Would you like to see a falling star and make a wish – Do not observe only one but – with a little luck – several meteors per night! Admire and Discover the sky, the planets, the stars from this unique observation point.

Morocco Desert Yoga Retreat

Take our spiritual healing in the desert, combining yoga and walking trekking. Open to the space and silence of the desert, echo of our true nature. To adapt to the rhythm of the desert. We experiment with different practices: meditations, postures, breaths, relaxations, philosophy… Times of exchanges and silence will alternate. Happiness to practice yoga in this unique space that is the desert! It is a very gentle yoga that focuses on finding the balance between effort and letting go, in a spirit of respect for everyone. We practice being aware of the acceptance of “what is” in the present moment. Walk in the sand and open up to all body sensations. Develop our rooting with our Mother Earth. like the space and the silence of the desert, open us to this space of peace, silence, and love which is our true nature.