Exclusive Yoga Retreat in Morocco Desert

Yoga Retreat in Morocco Desert

An authentic and unforgettable experience, a unique way for the yogis

Trekking Yoga in Morocco desert

Take our spiritual healing in the desert, combining Yoga Retreat and walking trekking. Open to the space and silence of the desert, echo of our true nature. To adapt to the rhythm of the desert.
We experiment with different practices: meditations, postures, breaths, relaxations, philosophy… Times of exchanges and silence will alternate. Happiness to practice yoga in this unique space that is the desert!
It is a very gentle yoga that focuses on finding the balance between effort and letting go, in a spirit of respect for everyone. We practice being aware of the acceptance of “what is” in the present moment.

Desert Yoga Philosophy 

Walk in the sand and open up to all body sensations. Develop our rooting with our Mother Earth. like the space and the silence of the desert. open us to this space of peace, silence, and love which is our true nature.
We offer yoga sessions in the Moroccan desert to eliminate the tensions and constraints of everyday life.helping our body recovers its healing powers. Thus helping to relax the mind, to reconnect with the energy of the Earth.
Your mind will be energized every day and cultivated with positive thoughts, see life as a wonderful experience, while admiring the splendor of a sunrise or sunset, so different and so similar at the same time, inviting us to meditate our natural place in the universe.


 Places like Erg Chegaga, Daya, Er Gouera, Erg Zeher, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Smar, Erg Zmila starting from M’Hamid el Ghizlane and other special places discovered in the within 10 – 100 Km from the oasis, still in Morocco. You can walk totally free in these wonderful and safe places. There are also valleys and top of mountains like great places for yoga and, of course. with standard camps in most of the big dunes 


 Tours are available for the book any time From the end Of September To the end of May 


Yoga Course

Yoga is a millenary art of Indian origin allowing to connect the body and the spirit, to reach the state of union of the being, the harmony. Exercised on a regular basis, it calms the flow of emotions and thoughts, acts on fatigue and stress which are often the cause of our psychic, emotional and physical tensions.

Energetic initiation to animal communication

Do you know that we all have the ability to communicate with animals. This course will help you regain this ability to communicate in silence and to trust your intuition. In connection with the Camel you will find your own inner self.

Drum making apprenticeship

We invite you to a true initiatory journey throughout the birth of your drum. With Lynne and Julien de toussonrythme , you will witness the metamorphosis of animal materials shaped by your own hands in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds you. Until the ultimate moment when you will vibrate your drum, a true companion on your path of spiritual life for the awakening and healing of your soul.

Meditation and mindful walking

The benefits of meditation have long been proven. Mindful walking in the silence, vastness and serenity of the desert brings another dimension to your meditation. Come and find your inner peace during your retreat in the desert. You will then be able to better promote in a sustainable way your way of life favoring "Being" rather than "Having".

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