Top 10 Kasbahs & Fortress in Morocco


Morocco has many amazing historical Kasbahs that is characterized by its beautiful appearance and history. They are the guardians of most of the historical remains of the kingdom. These ancient fortified castles and their grandiose ramparts continue to attract many travelers and tourists.


Kasbahs are citadels located in the north of the African city. They were the chief’s residence and were built to protect the chief. Sometimes they were built on hilltops to be stronger and to protect against attack. They were a sign of the wealth of the city. They are great tourist sites to learn about the exciting and amazing history that surrounds them. The kasbahs will allow you to learn more about the history and culture of Morocco. They are most abundant on the Atlas peaks, in the arid south or on the coast.

There are many fascinating Kasbahs in Morocco and we will mention here the first 10 Kasbahs of Morocco.



This is the most famous Kasbah of Morocco, and it is protected by UNESCO, many films were shot there like Lawrence of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Persia, the Throne Games and the Gladiator. Once you set foot there, you will never want to leave.

How do I get there?

The best is to fly to Marrakech, you will then find public transport that will take you there or you can rent a car and go there.

Where is located?

It is located in the foothills of the Southern High Atlas Mountains, in the province of Ouarzazate, 30 km northwest of the city of Ouarzazate. It is the most famous kasbah in the Ounila Valley. It is located on the top of a hill on the left bank of the Ounila River and is surrounded by the desert.

The architecture and its description

It is one of the best buildings that show the beauty of the architecture of ancient Morocco. It consists of collective dwellings inside defensive walls, reinforced by corner towers, and pierced by a chicane door. The houses inside the defensive walls are piled up against each other. Some are modest, others resemble urban castles with their corner towers, and their upper parts are decorated with clay brick motifs. The houses that are found there were built of clay, mud, and many primitive materials.

The Story

It was built in the 17th century and its founder is Ben Haddou. He still rests in his grave behind this wonderful city. Most of its inhabitants had left it to move to more modern cities. It was also one of the trading sites on the road linking Sudan to Marrakech. There are still people living there in the houses and you could talk to one of them. Their houses are clean and liveable.

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Where is it located?

It is located in a small village called Telouet. It is in the High Atlas Mountains. Its location is on a road that connects Marrakech to Ouarzazate. It is 1800 meters above sea level.

How can you be there?

You can get to Marrakech and then take a taxi or any other means of transport.

The history of Kasbah Telouet

There is an exciting history beyond the founding of this Kasbah. The story began with the harsh winter of 1893, when Sultan Moulay Hassan was stranded there. He and his army of 3,000 men were well taken care of by two Glaoui brothers, Madani and T’Hami. In exchange for their services, Moulay Hassan gave the two brothers the political power of Morocco south of the High Atlas Mountains. When the French came, they cooperated with them, so that the strength of the two brothers became the same as that of the sultan and they are the founders of this famous Kasbah. This Kasbah was the birthplace of the cooperation between the French and the autocratic pasha Glaoui until he was ousted in 1953 by the Moroccan independence movement.

There are simple but well-equipped hotels and a few cafes. In addition, there are many excursions and visits that can be made to the surrounding deserts.



Where is it located?

It is located near Ouarzazate, in the center of the city, and is easily accessible. It is exactly in the street Mohamed v, Ouarzazate 45000.

The history of the kasbah

It was built in the 19th century and reached its highest importance in 1930 when Glaoui had reached the height of his power by helping the French occupation. The Glaoui chiefs had never inhabited it, although it was located on a strategic junction road. However, it had been inhabited by the second echelons of El Glaoui’s extension command such as sons and cousins.

Its description and architecture

This Kasbah has 300 rooms including a kitchen, a harem, and a reception room finished with French tiles. The royal apartments with their magnificent cedar ceilings and their carved and painted plaster, the work will captivate you. One of the most interesting details is that the staircase has an uneven step that was used as a defense against invaders who lost speed trying to climb the uneven steps. There is a gallery of one of the local artists upstairs. The ornate, carved and painted door is in Moorish, not Berber, style. Many films have been shot there. Each film was shot in Morocco and at the Kasbah of Taourirt.


Where is it?

It is located in the province of Ouarzazate, 8 kilometers west of the city of Ouarzazate.

The history of the Kasbah

It is a fortress, which was built in the 19th century. It belongs to the family of Thami El Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakech from 1912 to 1956.

Description of the fortress

The main entrance is in front of the film museum. Many local guides explain the history of this Kasbah. The stairs and corridors are narrow. Some are old and others have been tastefully restored.



It has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Where is located?

It is located in Rabat, at the mouth of the Bou Regreg on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Story

The Kasbah of the Oudayas was built in the 12th century during the reign of the Almohad Caliphate. After the capture of Rabat by the Almohads, they destroyed the Kasbah of the Almoravid dynasty in the city. They started to rebuild it. They added a palace and a mosque.

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It has a large hotel that offers many means of comfort and is surrounded by many gardens. It was built according to the Berber technique of the clay, which makes it very respectful of the environment.

Where is located?

It is at the entrance of the Ourika valley, at the top of an Atlas hill. Only 35 minutes from Marrakech airport. It is surrounded by a beautiful natural view that is captivating.



Where is it?

It is located on the High Atlas mountain 60 kilometers from Marrakech, in the Toubkal National Park. Near Jbel Toubkal.

It is one of the most famous Kasbahs of Morocco and it has very careful decoration and architecture.



Every year, in October, a religious and cultural festival called Moussem Ellame is held; many films have been shot there. It is characterized by the breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains and the surrounding gardens. It is an amazing historical place to see.

Where is located?

It is located in the Atlas Mountains, in the Draa Valley, 95 kilometers south of the city of Ouarzazate.

The story

It was built in the 16th century. It was the administrative and residential Kasbah of the Mezguita tribe.

It has a fascinating architecture, which is a mixture of Moorish, Berber, and Roman architecture, and was painted with natural pigments.


scale the Kasbah essaouira

Where is it located?

It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean directly in the Medina of Essaouira, west of Marrakech.

The story

The ladder was built in 1765 by the French architect Theodore Cornut, who built it in the same style of fortification as that designed in France by his professor Vauban. It was built to defend against attacks from the sea.

It has a charming ocean view and many tourists visit it to relax and learn about the history of the country. Many places will captivate you as soon as you see them and make you wonder how the people of that time could have built such a well-constructed fort.



Where is it?

It is in Tangier. It is installed in the former palace of the sultan of Dar el-Makhzen.

It provides a lot of historical information about the country in the French language, it has beautiful architecture and its style will charm you. It exhibits ancient Roman, Portuguese, Arab and Moroccan objects and arts. There is an amazing garden inside. Many maps show the trade routes of several centuries ago.

These kasbahs have been the main tourist attractions throughout the year. Have you ever been to one of them? If not, you should visit these Kasbahs and get to know the exciting history that takes place there.


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