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Morocco is a great destination with beautiful trails, wild mountains, fascinating people, and a dozen peaks over 4000 meters – they are called the High Atlas for nothing! Low altitude trekking is also possible. One or more English-speaking guides prepare your meals and mules carry everything you need so you can enjoy a light trip and spend your day exploring ancient villages, pastoral valleys, and hidden passes that lead to scenic ridges. Far above the spectacular rocks and rocky paths, the terraced village gardens and kasbah ruins contrast with the landscape. You can walk at your leisure and perhaps even reach some of the peaks.

Whenever you wish to travel and whatever your level of fitness, we can organize your trip at your convenience. Whether you want to climb mountains, walk in deep shady valleys, or cross the desert on a camel. We will make it possible for you to experience the holiday you want.

We offer and organize day trips and longer treks in the mountains, with your transfers from the city. We are able to propose itineraries to meet the needs of visitors depending on the number of days available. Choose an itinerary from the list and we will make it happen. If you are a group of 1, 2, 3 or more people, a family, a school group (students) or a club, we can, if you wish, advertise places on your tour in order to reduce the price per person.

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The Atlas Mountains – Morocco

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain chain that crosses a northern part of Africa and stretches about 2,500 km (1,500 miles) From Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The Atlas Mountains divide the Atlantic coasts and the Mediterranean from the Sahara Desert. The mountains are divided into additional and separate chains, including the High Atlas, Middle Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas.

Trekking in Morocco: Valleys & Villages, 

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  trek through The Atlas Mountains the remote Berber villages, where you meet more than embracing Berber people and enjoy excellent Moroccan food. We provide many walking vacation options mixed with cultural interaction and Berber village lifestyle in the High Atlas Mountains. Following time-honored trails and trek a series of mountain passes, you’ll experience Berber life close up as you explore very different valleys.

  1. Day trip out of Marrakech
  2. 3 Day Atlas Valley Trek
  3. 5Days Beber Villages & Toubkal Ascent Trek
  • Western High Atlas: to the west is the oldest part of the range. Several peaks in this region exceed 4000 m. Its highest point is the Djebel Toubkal at 4167 m, visible from the city of Marrakech. The Mount Toubkal is located in the Toubkal National Parks.

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  • Central High Atlas: A solid chalk mass morphologically dominated by tabular areas reaching an altitude of 2,500 m extends from Azilal to Ouarzazate. Here, the contrasting landscapes are reminiscent of Colorado, with its high plateaus, gorges, and boxwood canyons, and its peaks sometimes bursting with erosion. The Jbel Mgoun at 4068 m is the highest peak in this part of the High Atlas.


  • Eastern high atlas which is the region of Imlchil..

3 Days Toubkal trek from Marrakech ,panorma

  • The Anti-Atlas extends from the Atlantic Ocean in southwest Morocco to the northeast to the heights of Ouarzazate and further east to the city of Tafilalt (a total distance of about 500 kilometers). To the south, it is bordered by the Sahara. The easternmost point of the Anti-Atlas is Djebel Sarhro and its eastern limit is set by sections of the High Atlas range. The Jbel Siroua is a bridge between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas.


Morocco Atlas Mountains-Trekking in Morocco

Mount Toubkal

Toubkal Mountain North Africa’s highest peak. vaults 4167m into the heavens in the Central High Atlas, dishing up views that more than reward the effort of trawling up there. This quasi-mythical mountain is the most eulogized peak in the country, and it well-deserves the praise heaped upon it. In summer, it is an experience that most reasonably fit people can take in two or three days from Imlil – sunstroke, altitude sickness, and dehydration permitting – and the Kasbah du Toubkal is an excellent base that lies at the trail start. In winter, when the roads are thick with snow, Toubkal mountain is an even more serious animal requiring specialist gear and skills. For an exhausting but exciting challenge, there is also the mount Toubkal Circuit, a grueling trek that takes around a week to complete.

Jebel Saghro

When the snows make the High Atlas difficult, the mountain range of Jebel Saghro offers stunning wintry landscapes but with fewer challenges. A line of the Anti-Atlas, it has slightly cooler temperatures and trails that are usually still accessible without the same level of difficulty as Toubkal‘s snowy wastes. The highest peak, Amalou n’Mansour, is much lower than the High Atlas peaks at 2712m, so the risk of altitude sickness is commonly less of a problem. The local cave paintings are a bonus.

M’Goun Massif

The crossing of the M’Goun Massif in the Central High Atlas must not be as taxing as taking on Toubkal if you avoid climbing the high peaks such as M’Goun itself (4071m). This lets you spend more time enjoying the drama of the mountain scenery and valleys that are home to the local Berber tribes. The area is at its best in late spring with rugs of wildflowers and exciting snow-melt rivers in valleys like the Ait Bougmez and the Tessaout. If you’ve got a week to play with, you can enjoy exploring the lower slopes and valleys, or use your time to acclimatize properly and tackle M’Goun itself.

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Mount Toubkal Ascent Trek-Climb Jbel Toubkal -Jebel Toubkal Hike

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7 Days Trekking Toubkal National Park berber mountains panorama

3 Days Toubkal trek from Marrakech

Experience the climb of the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal summit 4167m (13600fit), get a stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, green valleys & Berber villages, meet the Berber guided & muleteers go for the this adventure of your life time.
green rivers - 4 Days Trek Berber Villages High Atlas

4 Days Trek Berber Villages High Atlas

Spend 4 days exploring the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains on foot. A hike amidst cool vegetation of juniper and pine trees is a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body. Go across deep gorges,