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Moroccans who are of Arab and Berber origin, and the rich history .that has influenced their way of life, have many positive characteristics such as hospitality and generosity. They are also distinguished by their traditions in cooking and food service. … Read More

The blue men of Sahara

  Blue Men of North African origins of clothing date back hundreds of years, to the 7th and 8th centuries, in the early days of trans-Saharan trade between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. And while some locals will say the … Read More


Top 10 Deserts Cities in Morocco

Morocco is one of the countries that is famous for its astonishing deserts. It has many charming natural views in these deserts, making it a very important attraction for tourists. These deserts have many cities, oases, wildlife, and dunes that … Read More

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Sahara Desert

Animals| Plants | People & Cultures | History and Map Sahara desert The Desert  The term refers to the large area that receives small amounts of rain. Most deserts are arid lands with dry conditions. that make them unsuitable for most types … Read More

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Morocco has many amazing historical Kasbahs that are characterized by their beautiful appearance and history. They are the guardians of most of the historical remains of the kingdom. These Kasbah Morocco, ancient fortified castles and their grandiose ramparts continue to … Read More

Trekking in Morocco

15 Best Beaches in Morocco

Morocco’s beaches offer more than just sun and water. Agadir, the country’s major resort town, is just a short flight from Europe, and it attracts many Europeans for a simple summer sun-and-sand vacation, but for many other visitors, Morocco’s beaches … Read More

exterior details of moroccan palace decorated with arabesque ornaments

Best Day Trips Marrakech

15 Best Day Trips From Marrakech Marrakech (also spelled Marrakech) is a famous destination when visiting Morocco as it offers many attractions and the chance to experience Moroccan culture and customs. If you spend more than a few days in … Read More