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Morocco, it is a multitude of varied landscapes, between beaches, mountains, desert, and urban forest. It is also a country that knows how to combine this diversity with real ecological responsibility.

Since the creation of the Moroccan Charter of Eco-Tourism and the Moroccan Trophies for Sustainable Tourism, the country has been committed to ensuring that its tourism is particularly respectful of the environment through numerous standards. Every year, more and more establishments or places in the country recognized for their environmental responsibility.

13 Moroccan beaches have awarded the Blue Flag label. A large number of hotel establishments throughout the country also carry the Green Key label. All these eco-labels aim to highlight the environmental efforts of their holders.

As far as energy is concerned, Morocco stands out with the famous Station Noor, the seventh-largest thermodynamic solar power plant in the world! This is a significant work, Moroccan above all also global, in terms of the expansion of new renewable energies.
All these demonstrations of eco-responsibility have earned the city of Marrakech the selection to host the COP 22 in November 2016, a significant new challenge for the global environment!

History and Geography of Morocco

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At the crossroads of Europe and Africa, bordering the waters of Mediterranean and opening onto the vastness of the Atlantic, Morocco is a crossroads. It is the “land of the far-off sunset,” a destination rich in contrasts, with a history that goes back two thousand years and which invites discovery.

In these lands where influences converge, you will discover the vestiges of the most significant Mediterranean civilizations: in the north of the country stand the Roman ruins of Volubilis; in Rabat, certain pieces of architecture bear witness to the ancient French presence. Everywhere else, scattered all over the country, the treasures of Muslim civilizations are open to your curiosity: there, the Kasbah of the Oudayas; here, the green expanses of the Menara gardens; throughout the country, examples of the liberality of the dynasties that succeeded one another.

The landscapes are not to outdo. Between the sea and the mountains, bringing together on its territory all the variety of Mediterranean climates and overlooking the sands of the Sahara, Morocco offers great perspectives, paintings that are good to eat and in which you will enjoy evolving. Mixing the pleasure of varied and enchanting panoramas with the richness of colorful culture, Morocco is a destination of choice.

Modern society

Close to its traditions, Morocco also offers you all the advantages of modernity

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Morocco is a resolutely forward-looking country that has been able to preserve its traditions and make its cultural heritage prosper, using them as levers for development. The city of Marrakech is a perfect example of this: the Medina district and its souks retain an incomparable charm of yesteryear. At the same time, Guéliz and Hivernage offer the most modern facilities and infrastructure. Far from being antagonistic, the combination of modernity and tradition embodies the real strength of Morocco.

As a visitor, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages and pleasures of modernity. In terms of accommodation, Morocco hosts a myriad of hotels for all budgets from major international groups, also the largest ready-to-wear brands, all of which benefit from the ideal setting of a country in full development.

Morocco also seeks to avoid the shortcomings of modernity, particularly in environmental matters, by promoting responsible tourism towards the land and local populations. Creator of a charter of responsible tourism and host of the COP22, Morocco is in the front line to preserve our planet.

Art of living and cultural traditions in Morocco
Living traditions

nomad lifestyle

Morocco is a multi-millennial country, the heir to centuries of tradition. Yet there is nothing fixed in the kingdom! The culture is alive, embodied day by day in the small gestures of everyday life, in festivals, rituals, or only daily habits. Stay there for a while and immerse yourself in this sweetness, this art of living.

The best thing to do is to walk through the towns and villages, through narrow streets of old quarters. You are close to the people, exchange with them. You will certainly be invited to share a glass of tea with a Moroccan: hospitality and ceremonial will be the order of the day.

Discover also a whole daily life. Morocco and its inhabitants evolve to the rhythm of the Mediterranean art of living recognized by UNESCO. It is a set of practices and dishes, of symbolic dishes that make everyday life enjoyable and that will enchant you.

The festival is also in the spotlight in the kingdom. It punctuates the years. We meet during the famous moussem, religious, and festive events. Do not miss the one in Tan-Tan, particularly famous and inscribed since 2008 in the cultural and intangible heritage of humanity. Discover also the Gnawa festival of Essaouira. All these events are for you the opportunity to make contact, to live with the different cultures that make the diversity and richness of Morocco.

This is just a small glimpse of the cultures still living in Morocco. Explore the country to discover these little treasures of intangible heritage!


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