Morocco Desert Safari

Morocco Desert Safari

authentic Nomadic hospitality experience of the Nomad desert

Enjoy Morocco desert safari with the most experienced tours and safaris operator. DesertBrise Travel offers an authentic Nomadic hospitality experience of the Nomad desert, leads to memories that will last a lifetime. Via our Morocco desert safari packages and deals, you will experience the artistic beauty and tranquility of the Moroccan desert through the variety of activities, that will enhance your understanding of the heritage and culture of Morocco, with a different Desert options to choose from including Desert, oasis, and Desert excursions, all particularly designed for a pleasant desert experience in the dunes, hills and at the traditional Nomadic campsite.

why Desert safari

The desert is the ideal place for a magical and memorable Adventure. Follow the sun go down, as you drive over the dunes to arrive at our traditional Nomadic style camp, where a delicious dinner will be served. Leaving  your hotel and the city behind, driving into the desert with our exciting safari guide in a private 4-wheel vehicle. Enjoy the dunes with 4*4.

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