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luxury Camp Morocco Desert


 Luxury Camp in Morocco Desert

luxury, Tranquillity, and friendly Berber hospitality in the middle of the Moroccan desert…

Welcome, DesertBrise Luxury camp Group. We Have camps in every Desert In Morocco.

Whether you want Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp, Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp, or Agafy Desert Luxury Camp. you can choose if you want to hang out with your family, with others, or spend time in privacy with your significant other, our camps have something for your 

Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp

Traditional Berber design; mixed with modern touches

Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp is a mix of conventional Berber design, combined with modern comfort. It surrounded by majestic sand dunes and located next to the highest dunes in Morocco.

In the center of the camp is the Berber furniture. It’s a place to relax and filled with traditional mattresses and poufs. Ice-cooled drinks, soft and alcoholic, are always available here. Meals are served outside under the stars, or undercover in a Berber tent. There is also a separate open-sided cover with sun loungers. another with sofa and chairs, and another with hammocks.

There are eleven tents for sleeping, all with en suite bathroom facilities. The tents are spacious (over 25 sq m) and luxurious. Each Tent has a king-size bed (which can form into two singles). There are also ‘wall-to-wall’ plush rugs, a full-length mirror, bedside tables, solar-powered lighting, an armchair and ottoman, and space to hang your clothes. Each item has been handmade in Morocco. We have also sourced high-quality individual sprung mattresses, percale cotton sheets, duck down duvets and offer you a choice of synthetic or duck down pillows.

Each bathroom has its own toilet, dressing room, and wash area. High-quality soap, shampoo, towels, and ‘other goodies provided.

Due to the chronic shortage of water in the desert, instead of a shower, we provide two 20-liter silver pewter buckets with hot and cold water. The bucket wash is incredibly refreshing and uses a fraction of water compared to a shower. It is a great way of washing oneself!

The cost of the Luxury camp is per person per night and includes all meals, drink and guided camel trips. Also included in the price are evening sundowners, sandboarding, picnic lunches in the dunes, and evening entertainment. 

Erg Chebbi Luxury camp 

Traditional Bedouin-style design; mixed with modern touches

Retreat to your private Bedouin-style Tent with its surrounding expanse of silken sand and luxurious accommodation. Erg Chebbi luxury camp consists of twelve fully equipped luxury tents; each vast Tent has a luxury furnisher complete with comfortable king-size, twin, or triple beds, Bedouin sofa, mirrors, lamps, and the finest bed linens. All the furniture is handmade. There is a comfortable relaxation area outside the Tent to enjoy the stars at night. Electricity is provided in the guest tents in the evenings via solar power. Each Tent has a private terrace with a fantastic view of the Erg Chebbi  Dunes.

This Luxury camp offers you the chance to sleep under the starlit sky in beautifully decorated Berber Tent with endless views of the stunning Erg Chebbi desert landscape. The Berber Luxury tent is just one extension of the Erg Chebbi Luxury camp. AMENITIES Bathroom with Shower King Size Bed Erg Chebbi dunes View 


Desert Activities

Go crazy action , or alternatively, relax, eat, drink and stargaze

Firstly, the price includes all food and drink…so you can eat and rehydrate (or dehydrate) to your heart’s content! But when not relaxing, dozing in the hammock or reading a book or sipping a cold drink, there is plenty to do…

Some people love ‘riding’ camels; others prefer to walk. You can have a camel ride for 30 minutes or 5 hours. It’s up to you. Whatever your preference, we can prepare a picnic lunch (to while away some relaxing hours under a tree adjacent to the dunes).

You can walk to the highest dune, or walk in the dunes around the camp. It recommended for longer walks you take one of our Berbers with you—it is easy to get lost.

  • Quad biking

Quad biking wil be 4 km from the camp. The cost is 70 euro per person for 1 hour or 120 euros per person for 2 hours. The quads are all new, with safety helmets w. We don’t do the quad biking from the camp as we like to preserve the tranquillity of the camp.

  • Guided Walks

Not a lot might happen in the desert, but the reality is different. It’s not exactly teeming with life, but your guide will show and explain to you all sorts of exciting things, be it fauna, flora, bird and insect life, and the dunes themselves. Guided walks are of about 2 hours’ duration, but can be tailor-made according to your interests.

  • Picnic at the oasis

The oasis, which is 7 km from the camp, is a beautiful spot for a tranquil lunch.

Picnic in the dunes

Or, you can have a long and relaxing lunch in the dunes, under the shelter of a tamarisk tree.

This is a particularly strenuous activity involving walking up a sand dune for 15 minutes and sliding down for 30 seconds. It’s akin to snowboarding, without the lifts. It’s enormous fun.

  • Sundowners

Every evening we prepare a relaxation area near the top of the dunes. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and immerse yourself in the vistas, the tranquillity, and the special light at dusk.

  • Stargazing

With no light pollution, the night sky is visible.

  • Games

We have a typical array of games, including chess, backgammon, scrabble, and boule.

  • Cycling

Cycling can be a hopelessly tiring experience. But, to be in the desert in the middle of nowhere is incredible. Just remember to take water, a phone, and a guide.

  • Cooking

Chefs can be very protective of their domain. Still, ours will happily allow you into his den to demonstrate the art of Moroccan cuisine. You can either watch or participate.

  • Entertainment

Everyone that works at the camp plays a musical instrument or can sing. Whilst musical entertainment put on after dinner around the fire, you can expect to hear improvised music and singing at any time of day.


Trips from Marrakech

The most famous tour to Erg chigaga luxury camp or Erg Chebbi luxury camp  is the 3, 4, or 5-day return trip from Marrakech. We organize private transport in a 4×4 Land Cruiser with an English-speaking driver. While it is possible to travel to the camp in one day, it is a long drive (about 9 hours plus stops) and is far more enjoyable if you can split the trip over two days. This allows lots of time for you to enjoy the places and the diverse and magnificent scenery. We can arrange overnight service en route. Our drivers are very knowledgeable, and while they know the most suitable places to stop, you can dictate the pace of the trip. See further details in the 3, 4, and 5-day tours from Marrakech.

  1. 3-day to Erg Chigaga 
  2. 3-days to Erg Chebbi Merzouga