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Golden Sand Association (GSA)

Golden Dunes is an association that situated in The The gate of desert ”M’Hamid El Ghizlane”. and its founding in 2014 by a group of graduated people. aiming To solve many Problem that the Desert Oasis and the village of Mhamid suffer From. and aims to defend the natural and cultural environment of the desert. and improve the living conditions of the Nomad inhabitants In M’Hamid El Ghizlane.


Golden Sand Association

Environmental Goals

Golden Sand association

Environmental Goals

Golden Sand Association

Social Goals

Social Goals

Economy Goals

Economy Goals

M’Hamid El Ghizlane

M’hamid El Ghizlane , would mean “the plain of gazelles” . They roamed the place there is, unfortunately, a long time.
The climate is dry with a high temperature. The environment is desert because of the opening of the palm grove on the Sahara and chains of the Atlas which constitute a rampart against the disturbances. The temperature is high in summer, 42 ° in the warmest month and low in winter, 4 ° in the coldest month. At certain times, the wind blows very hard and causes swirls of sand.
In a not so distant time, M’hamid El Ghizlane was an oasis , a haven for the Nomads . There is a resilient earthen architecture, providing shelter adapted to the weather, such as sandstorms. Aridity, drought and borders have been the reason for the itinerant lives of most nomads.
A large palm grove extends from the Kasbah to the edge of the Oued du Draa . Mixed gardens, cereals and horticulture have been planted in the shade of palm trees, over an area of 2700 km2 and at a height of 500 m above sea level, over a length of 16 km. The kasbah, “tighermt” in Berber, strong house, originally designed to guard against the cold and permanent insecurity, is home to animals, crops and wells. The family home, can count up to 50 people, is the residence of the local Caids M’hamid. The traditional houses, built in raw clay bricks, offer a nice perspective.
The Kasbahhas the simple and austere appearance of a fortified castle flanked by four corner towers, with slightly curved walls inwards. Architecture in height, it is, in mountain, composed of modest houses. It dominates the fertile valleys, we can see oases. On the ground floor are the stables for livestock, the first floor the attic and stocks of fodder. Above the common kitchen and living rooms, furnished with a few chests, benches, cushions and carpets. The men’s reception room is the closest to the entrance, providing privacy to the rest of the house. Sometimes the kasbah was a real palace with innumerable rooms, luxuriously decorated, with multiple patios, well-kept gardens refreshed with pools.
We can also see the little Mausoleum of Sidi Allal ben Jbira. According to local tradition, it would have arrived one day during a flood of the Draa, floating on its waters.
In the oasis is a ruined ksar, known as Kasbah el Allouj . The fort of the European legion still bears witness to the activity of this region of the Middle Draa at the end of the 16th century, at the time of the Saadians: trade with Sudan was then very important.
This border post, a real desert gate, also shows you its souk, on Monday, in the heart of the village. It is the rendezvous of sedentary and “blue men” of the desert. You will find the products of the region at interesting prices within addition all the colors and the scents that can offer the goods. You will be approached friendly, just to start the conversation by men and women.


Ecotourism mixes the idea of education and discovery of a natural environment while preserving the ecology culture and sustaining the wellbeing of the local people. An essential part of ecotourism is the promotion of energy efficiency, recycling, water conservation, and The creation of economic opportunities for local communities.

DesertBrise Travel aims to maintain a lower impact on the environment with socially and culturally responsible travel opportunities, that give the chance to tourists to become enlightened and enjoy destinations where fauna, flora and cultural heritage are the main attractions.

Traveling responsibility is our goal. DesertBrise Travel will carefully show you our best practices for sustainability in the Desert Sahara of Morocco. It’s essential for you to be aware of the impact That you makes as an individual in this fragile environment.

We believe the question every customer asks when regarding whether or not to buy our service is “What’s in it for me?” Our clients value the philanthropic practice in which we deliver our service and commitment to the local culture and economy. We also provide holistic experiences to assure the friendly treatment of our guides and camels as well as our approach to the stability in and preservation of the Desert. The customer service, we provide is typical and we customize each excursion demanding to our individual client’s needs.

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