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The blue men of Sahara  Who are they Called bedouin or Sahrawi nomad, the blue men are the inhabitants of the central Sahara. The name “blue man” comes from the color of their scarf. Blue men often wear a long garment and a scarf about 4-5m long wrapped around the head for protection from the...
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Night in Erg Lihoudi From Mhamid By Camels
The Sahara Desert Animals| Plants | People & Cultures | History and Map The Desert  The term refers to the large area that receives small amounts of rain. Most deserts are arid lands with dry conditions. that make them unsuitable for most types of  Desert animal and Desert plants life. Some deserts are extremely hot,...
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Morocco has many amazing historical Kasbahs that is characterized by its beautiful appearance and history. They are the guardians of most of the historical remains of the kingdom. These ancient fortified castles and their grandiose ramparts continue to attract many travelers and tourists. WHAT DO THE KASBAHS MEAN? Kasbahs are citadels located in the north...
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marrakech to Merzouga 3-day tour
Morocco is one of the countries that is famous for its astonishing deserts. It has many charming natural views in these deserts, making it a very important attraction for tourists. These deserts have many cities, oases, wildlife, and dunes that you will never want to leave once you get there. In this article, we will...
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MOROCCAN PEOPLE CULTURE, MUSIC, AND TRADITIONS Moroccans who are of Arab and Berber origin, and the rich history .that has influenced their way of life, have many positive characteristics such as hospitality and generosity. They are also distinguished by their traditions in cooking and foodservice. the Moroccan culture in their marriage, and their special traditions...
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3 Days Toubkal trek from Marrakech ,panorma
How to organize a trek lasting several days in Morocco? Morocco does not lack magnificent circuits, beyond the traditional trek in the desert. Whether you want to follow the sea, sink into the desert, or climb the Moroccan peaks, this country is a true paradise for hikers. You will find routes that will meet all preferences in this...
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marrakech to Merzouga 3-day tour
You may have seen these incredible Moroccan sand dunes filled with camels and luxury tents on Instagram. They can look dreamy.  So you go to Morocco (excellent choice by the way), and you imagine yourself a T. E. Lawrence in the making. After all, what could be more romantic than riding a camel in the...
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 Tipping in Morocco How much to tip
 Tipping in Morocco Tipping in Morocco is a headache, as it is everywhere in the world for those of us who do not come from a culture of tipping. We often end up spending much more than we had planned for a trip because we invariably forget to take tips into account. After a tour....
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nomad camp
CAMPING IN THE SAHARA DESERT, MOROCCO After visiting Chefchaouen, Danielle and I spent a few days with a friend based in a small village outside of Fez, and then we were ready to see the Sahara Desert! Now, we had only heard of tours in the Sahara from Marrakech, so at first, we thought we...
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music of morocco
Morocco Music and artists  Wherever you travel in Morocco, you are sure to hear music. It is the primary expression of the country’s popular culture. Morocco traditional music is an important part of daily life, obvious in every celebration and is most magnificent when seen live at births, weddings, funerals, religious gatherings, and festivals. During...
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